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Welcome to the Women's Treatment Center for Healthy Living, a treatment center focused on the individual needs of women. Our center is one of the elite providers of alcohol and drug treatment programs and eating disorder treatment in the country.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs for Women

Our gender-specific drug and alcohol treatment programs provide women with a recovery environment that is far safer, less distracting and more conducive to achieving long-term addiction recovery than most co-ed treatment centers. Our exceptional programs help women with issues surrounding:

With our top-rated alcohol and drug treatment programs and our innovative eating disorder treatment center, our focus has always been to provide state-of-the-art treatment for every woman entering our facility. Our drug treatment programs have gained national reputation by treating every patient as an individual, while focusing on the development of her self-esteem, independence and self-worth as a woman. In addition to our fresh approach to individualized patient care, we have developed a family-based recovery program that provides comprehensive treatment for the entire family. We have found that the inclusion of the family greatly enhances everyone's chances of acceptance and recovery.

As you review the services provided at the Women's Treatment Center for Healthy Living, you will discover an exemplary level of care that is unmatched by other alcohol and drug treatment programs across the country.

Eating Disorders and Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs

Our women's treatment center provides programs that go beyond the typical substance abuse, dual diagnosis or eating disorder program. Our programs are known for providing cutting edge holistic treatment for women, which research has demonstrated provides women with the best potential for long-term recovery. Our alcohol and drug treatment programs, as well as our eating disorder treatment philosophies, are designed to treat the whole person: mind, body and spirit.

At the Women's Treatment Center for Healthy Living our licensed and professional staff provides first-class care that addresses:

Choose the treatment facility that treats every woman with dignity and self-respect, while supporting its patients in their quest for a wonderful life full of laughter, love and freedom from self-destructive behaviors. Choose the Women's Treatment Center for Healthy Living at Lakeview Health Systems. Call us now at 1-800-391-4309 to start the admission process into one of the nation's leading alcohol or drug treatment programs. Our caring staff is available 24/7, and all calls are toll-free and confidential. Call now!

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